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HP printer offline error troubleshooting

HP printer offline error and troubleshooting
HP printer provides versatile printing quality which makes it popular among its users. Sometimes it shows a technical error which annoys its users. Especially when its users have to complete their target but sudden their printer get offline it delays their work. So if such situation occurs then users tension how to fix it. First of all, you need to detect the problem of error, it might be loose cable or network connection error. In case you find yourself unable to fix it then simply ring HP printer tech support number and from the technical support team to fix it. If you are in hurry then you can try the given solution of HP printer offline error.

How to fix HP printer offline error?

Before following the steps make sure that cables are connected properly with printer and it has power on. If you have network printer then make sure there is the network connection.

Step 1.

To check printers setup on your computer open new Windows. Click on the “start” button of Windows and select the option “Control Panel.” Again select “Hardware and Sound” and click to “Device and Printer.”

Step 2.

Search the printer which is offline and you have to bring it online. Select the printer and double-click to open it. When new Window will open then click on the “Printer” from the menu bar and scroll down to “Connect.”

Step 3.

If the printer is still not working then turn off both devices computer and printer. Now turn on the printer and let it go through startup procedure. When the printer gets ready to print then turn on the computer.

Step 4.

After following the steps your printer is still offline the remove printer from the printers from the window and again try to install it.

Hope after reinstallation of printer issue of the offline printer will shoot out. If again your problem remains same then dial HP printer customer service phone number 24 × 7 hours because service of tech support is always available. On the call, HP printer customer will get proper guidance to dissolve their printer technical error.


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HP Printer Support

HP Printer Customer Support Number


HP Printer Customer Support Phone Number

HP printer was launched by Hewlett-Packard an American company in 1984 which had bound with IBM computers. Due to its business deal, HP earns every year royalty on every seal of IBM computer. Well, the first printer of this company was LaserJet and Inkjet and both printers had a feature to print for desktop only. The Quality of HP printers are too good and perform awesome printing. Either users want to purchase printers for official purpose or home HP has all option at an affordable price.

If you want to buy HP printer there you have many options. Simple printer to multifunctional printers, home printers, business printers, printer deals, Inkjet printers and Laser printers are available in affordable range. Customers can choose any printer which they feel best for their work. HP printer has provided a number of tech support team to provide a solution to any technical issue with the printer through HP printer customer support number.

 What is the importance of HP printer tech support team?

As we experience that nothing is perfect same as HP printer also has some defaults. Sometimes its cause technical errors or problem which users cannot fix by themselves there tech support team is required. Below we have discussed issues of HP printer which get a fix by tech support team.

  • When issue occur to install HP printers
  • When HP printer doesn’t print
  • Blur printing with light ink print on the paper
  • When printer stopped to work
  • Paper stuck in HP printer
  • Cartridge doesn’t get recognized by printer
  • Printer unable to get printing command
  • Horizontal lines show in printing paper
  • Printer print light words or image
  • Users face error to delete printing history from printer
  • HP Printer shows an error code on its display.
  • Printer get offline suddenly

These are technical problems which can be fixed with the help of tech support team within a short time because tech support team has trained technicians to dissolve all issues related to HP printer issues. Whenever HP printer customer required the help of tech support team they can ask tech support team through HP printer customer service phone number 24 × 7 hours.


Source: http://www.printerhealthandcare.com/hp-printer-customer-support-number/


HP printer Paper jam Problem

HP printer performs versatile printing at the very affordable price. Many users of HP printer complain about paper jam issue. Well, it is a common problem of all printer which could be fixed by some simple steps. If the reason for paper jam is simple then it can be dissolved easily. Sometime might possible that users face difficulty to fix this issue, in such case they can dial HP printer support number +1-800-787-2406 to get the solution to the problem by experts.

How to clear a paper jam of HP Printer?

To fix the issue of paper jam of HP printer follows the steps with precaution as well.

Step 1. Clear the jam from the rear of the All-in-One:

Before following the steps to first clear the paper jam of the rear of the product after that clear the jam from its front if required.

Caution: When you are trying to clear a paper jam from the front it may damage the print machine. Therefore gain access and clear paper jams through the rear of the product.

  1. Remove any loose paper in the printer from the input tray as well output tray.

         Remove any loose paper

       Do not pull jammed paper

Step 2. Clear the paper jam from the rear of All-in-One.

  1. Turn on the product by press the power button.
  2. If the product is on then remove the power cord from the rear of the product.
  3. Now turn on the product to rear faces you.
  4. On the left side of the rear access door press and release it. Remove the door.
  5. With soft hand remove any jammed paper by using both hands to avoid tearing of paper in the roller.
  6. If paper tear then, then remove the torn pieces of paper from roller and wheels. Ensure that roller and wheels are moving freely.
  7. Now replace the rear access door, from the right side of the product slide the tabs into the notches and gently push the door to snaps into place.
  8. Make sure the rear access door is installed correctly.
  9. Connect the power cord of rear of the product.
  10. Turn on the product by the help of power button.

If paper jam issue gets solved then you can continue your printing work. If still the problem is same and you get trouble then take help of tech support experts of HP printer 24/7 through HP printer customer service .


Source: http://www.printerhealthandcare.com/fix-paper-jam-issue-of-hp-printer/


HP printer would not print in color Error Fixing

How to fix it when HP printer would not print in color?

HP printers are available in wide range of variety to use for different purpose. For color printing, scanning, copying, and more options are available in the variety of HP printers. It may possible that HP printer starts to shows technical issues to print like it doesn’t print in color, print blur etc. To dissolve any kind of technical fault of HP printer you can reach to tech support team through HP printer tech support number which is open for 24 hours.

If your HP printer doesn’t print in color then follow the steps given here and fix it as soon as possible to continue printing.

  • Check the cartridge

Step 1.

Remove color printer cartridge by open the front cover of the printer.

Step 2.

Install new color cartridge and again try to print. It may be because of the faulty cartridge.

Step 3.

If the cartridge is full and it has no issue then check its expiration date? Maybe your color cartridge has been expired. Remove it and place a new cartridge in your HP printer.

  • Printheads

Step 1.

Clean the printer printheads because it may possible dust and small particles get accumulate over it. Text/image of computer paper applies through it as it passes under the ink cartridge.

Step 2.

Press “Powder” button and hold down. During it also press “resume” button six times.

Step 3.

Now you can remove your finger from the power button and within mild was HP printer will clean the printheads.

Step 4.

Check if printer starts to print in color or still it won’t work. If your printers don’t print in color again then follow next step.

Step 5.

Press “Power” button and hold it. Within holding power button press “Resume” button seven times for deep cleaning of printheads. If the problem is same forward to next

  • Turn on the option of color print

Step 1.

Start the computer and go to setting.

Step 2.

Select “printers” from setting menu and right click to open “properties.”

Step 3.

Select the printing preference and then tap on “Color”. Now exit.

Still, the problem is same then try to reach out to tech support team of HP printer through HP printer technical support number. This number is 24/7 available.

Source  : http://www.printerhealthandcare.com/hp-printer-would-not-print-in-color-error-fixing/



HP Printer Tech Support Number USA/Canada

The most popular printer in the world is Hp printers and it has about 300 million active users American electronic company Hewlett-Packard develop this printer in 1984. Since that Hp printer has been improving its features and technology. Now the Hp printer has reliable and advances technology which provides quality prints. Advance technology of Hp also causes installation problem for new HP users. To help Hp printer uses Hp has tech support team who are available for 24 hours. Call on Hp printer tech support number +1-800-787-2406 to fix installation problem.

Origin and development of Hp printers:

In 1984 Hp printer was introduced by Hewlett-Packard Company in America. The first 3D printer was developed by Hp. The Hp use to introduce latest printers in regular interval of time to provide advanced technology to users.

Advanced features of Hp printers:

The Hp printer has used advanced technology to perform its best service.

  • Latest technology of Hp printer produces better printing quality.
  • Both Wired and wireless printers are available
  • Hp printer has high resolution.

Types of printers:

The types of Hp printers are mention below:

  • Color Inkjet Printers
  • HP Indigo Digital Presses
  • HP Scitex Large Format Printers
  • Network Print Servers
  • Inkjet all-in-one printers
  • Specialty photo inkjet printers
  • HP Inkjet Digital Web Press
  • Black and white laser printers
  • Latex Printers
  • Design-jet Printers
  • Business ink printers
  • Color laser printers
  • Laser multi-function printers

Problems with Hp printer:

Due to advance technology and its latest features Hp printer shows some issues which our technical team use to solve.

  1. HP Driver installation support
  2. HP installation issues
  3. HP Printer setup and configuration issues.
  4. Not able to connect the printer to PC
  5. The printer is not compatible with Mac/window.
  6. Printing is very slow
  7. Driver upgrading issues
  8. HP cartridge issues
  9. Paper jamming issues
  10. Not Printing the Paper
  11. HP Printer Spooler issues
  12. Toner issues.

This problem would easily fix our technical team. If you are Hp printer customer and have issues with printer then dial Hp printer technical support number. The technical expert will fix your issue 24×7 hours. It means your problem will be solved just in short of time.

If you are looking for any type of Hp printer installation support such as setup, drivers or any other software in HP printer you us at +1-800-787-2406 anytime 24×7.


Source: http://www.printerhealthandcare.com/hp-printer-tech-support-number-usa-canada/


HP Printer Helpline Phone number

HP is a leading IT company in USA. It has both software and hardware products. HP Printer is one of the best product of HP. HP printers are reliable, durable and easy to use for various kinds of work and usable at various place from home to office. Sometime you will see that printers will show errors during the work and you need support to resolve the errors. If you are a Hp printer user and don’t know more about the technology then must need the help of tech support team to short out the issues related to HP printer so that you can go ahead during the work.

There are some main errors that you can face while working with HP printers –

Printer is not responding

Printer is not connecting

Paper Jams

Driver installation problem

Printer is not printing

Printer is offline

HP printer driver compatible error

We are a leading high quality and reliable hp printer tech support service to deliver the best resolution to fix the errors in your HP printers. We use latest tricks and techniques to draw a fastest support and fixation for the printer. We work with best procedure and strategies by which any issues or unresolvable error could get easily fixed.

We offer online remote assistance for HP printers. You can get support from technical expert on toll free HP printer customer service number +1-800-787-2406 or chat or by mail anytime 24×7.



HP printer customer support Phone number


HP is one of the most famous companies in the electronics world due to its printer product. HP printers are reliable, durable and easy to use for users. If you are HP printer or printer user you already know that printers could show some errors during work. If you are new then you know it in after few days. If you are a Hp printer user and don’t know more about the technology then must need the help of tech support team to short out the issues related to HP printer so that you can go ahead during the work.

Some common issues faced by HP printer users are –

Printer is not responding

Printer is not printing

Printer is offline

Printer is not connecting

Paper Jams

Driver installation problem

HP printer driver compatible error

Printerhealthandcare provides quality and reliable hp printer technical support number to deliver best solution to fix the issues in your HP printer. We use modern technology and techniques to draw a fastest support and fixation for the printer. We work with best procedure and strategies by which any issues or unresolvable error could get easily fixed.

We provide online support for HP printers. You can get connected with technical expert via toll free HP printer contact number +1-800-787-2406 or chat or by mail anytime 24×7.